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Sports-Boost Packge

Inhalable Stimulant for Athletes

Elite-level athletes & weekend-warriors can train harder and perform better using this energy inhalant.

Male Runner

* Increase Strength, Speed and Endurance
* Perform at a More Intense Physical Level
* Reduce Fatigue and Pain
* 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Improves Your Athletic Performance
Sports-Boost works as a respiratory stimulant - use it to replace a shot of caffeine.


Kick-Start Your Workout!

If you're like most serious athletes, you want to get the most out of your workout. Now you can push your personal best with a proven aroma-science, performance technology. Just put the specially designed Sports-Boost ring on your finger and inhale your way to an improved athletic performance.

The Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler is designed to increase your strength, speed and endurance AND improve your breathing, mood and concentration. The small, disposable ring has been infused with a unique combination of fast-acting compounds.

Using Sports-Boost prior to physical exertion increases your ability to put up with more pain and push harder. Inhaling it while you're working out, helps you feel like you've got an extra reserve of energy. Ideal for endurance athletes.

In the time is takes to open the package, slip the ring on your finger and take a few breaths - you'll go from huffing to hammering! There are no calories, nothing to ingest and no banned substances. It's safe and effective to use with any other food, drink or supplement. Try it and see the sports performance benefits for yourself. You have to inhale it to believe it!

Male Athlete Mountain Biking Female Athlete Rollerblading Golfer Golfing Running Athlete Baseball Batter Cycling Athletes Basketball Players
Faster Reactions
Sports-Boost Ring on a Gloved Hand

Wear the
ring on your finger for
instant access
to the
energy effect.

Close-Up of Sports-Boost Ring
Male Cyclist

Dilates nasal passages, improves and lung capacity. No banned substances!

Male Golfer Hitting Out of a Sand Trap

Helps sharpen the mental edge of your training & competing. Enhances focus & confidence.

Female Athlete on a Physioball

Improves mood and helps you feel more excited and positive about your sports training.

Young Athlete - Baseball Pitcher

Ideal for all kinds of team sports. Safe and effective, even for young athletes.

Male Body Builder

Increases pain tolerance and willingness to push your physical limits.

Sports-Boost Ring is Disposable

The ring is disposable. When the scent is gone, just throw it away.

Close Up of a Cow

Sports-Boost can mask foul odors from portable toilets, vehicles, livestock and more!



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