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Sniff It - A Healthy Alternative to Caffeine

Caffeinated beverages and supplements are designed to give you a burst of energy by entering your digestive system and then your blood stream. If you’re like most people, you've come to rely on your daily dose of caffeine.

A small amount of stimulant is reasonable but large amounts lead to numerous health problems including; irregular heartbeat, insomnia, irritability, dehydration, stomach problems and addiction.

The excess “empty” calories in caffeinated beverages also spike your blood sugar and trigger the pancreas to release insulin which then brings on a feeling of sluggishness.

Sniff It contains no caffeine and has no calories. There’s nothing to ingest. Nothing to enter your stomach at all. You simply inhale the proprietary scent and immediately start to feel energized.

Sniff It Helps Reduce Caffeine Intake.

The next time you reach for your usual liquid stimulant, put a Sniff It ring on your finger instead. The refreshing scent starts to work immediately and keeps on working for hours.

Skipping one caffeinated beverage can eliminate 100 to 200 grams of caffeine from your daily diet. And less caffeine just might mean a healthier heart, better digestion and a calmer nervous system.

Use Sniff It To:

  • Help you wake up in the morning
  • Give yourself a boost during the day
  • Help you stay up late into the night
  • Give you more energy during your workout
  • Fight off drowsiness when driving
  • Help you concentrate when studying
  • Help reduce caffeine intake

Safe to use along with any other beverage or supplement

Sniff It is an inhalable stimulant that will provide your body with increased vigor and vitality. The special formulation is designed to give you a boost of energy and stimulate mental awareness. The effects are instant. The scent last for hours. The feeling you get is different than any energy drink you've ever tried.

Caffeine: The Socially Accepted Health Killer Article

Jumping for Sniff It
The Sniff It ring provides instant access to the ergogenic effects.


Helps Reduce Caffeine Intake
Sniff It A new way to catch a buzz! You may even be able to reduce your daily amount of caffeine.


Wake up easier and stay up later with
Sniff It!

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