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Additional Scented Benefits
Blocking a Bad Odor

Having an active life and being out in public can present you with a lot of of malodorous experiences. Sometimes you just need to block a bad odor - like from; co-workers, traveling companions, restrooms, vehicle exhaust, pollution and so on.

Ease the foul odors of the outdoors

Foul odor conditions can be made a bit more bearable when you hold the Sniff It Inhaler Ring to your nose and breathe in the pleasant scent.

Wearing the Sniff It Inhaler Ring is like having a portable air freshener right at hand. Portable toilets aren't as stifling when you can sniff the scented ring. Spouses of competitive athletes have reported using Sniff It rings to make the post-event drive home a bit more comfortable. And it's not just covering up the stench, the ring is also helping improve your mood!

Mess-Free and Disposable

The ring is convenient, mess-free and disposable. Wearing the ring on your finger gives you ready access to the scent. You can inhale again and again without having to open a bottle or package - freeing your hands to do other things!

Each ring has been specifically designed and ‘dosed’ for an intense inhaling experience, so there’s no excess scent mixture to make a mess.

Sports-Boost rings are designed for hours of use, so you're sure to get a lot of scented breathing time. However the more air that flows over the Sniff It ring the quicker the scent will diffuse and dissipate.

The energy producing benefits of the Sniff It Inhaler Ring cost fractions of a penny per breath, so once the scent is gone, just throw the ring away.

Other Tips

Some people have reported they kept "worn out" Sniff It rings in their cars and that a faint scent lingered for days.

Be sure to keep your Sniff It ring out of the water. Water saturates the compounds and prohibits evaporation of the odorant molecules. Just slip it off if you’re heading into the water.

The proprietary scent compounds are hypoallergenic, regulated "safe" by the FDA and have no known side effects.

Things Smell Better with Sniff It
Sniff It helps mask foul odors.



Portable Toilets Are A Bit More Tolerable with Sniff It
Portable toilets aren't as stifling when you can sniff a Sniff It ring.


A breath of fresh air is just a few clicks away!

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