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The Sniff It Energy Inhaler Technology

The beneficial scents of the Sniff It Energy Inhaler have been validated by a number of research and clinical trials. What followed was a convenient, easy to use and mess-free delivery device. One that provides a consistent ‘dose’ of active ingredients and focuses those beneficial effects directly to the individual and not to the surrounding environment.

The Sniff It Ring

Numerous design engineers and product packaging experts were consulted and a number of viable prototypes were developed and assessed. Over a two-year period and in parallel with the on-going scent studies, the Sniff It Energy Inhaler ring design was tested and refined.

What emerged was a supplement-type product that is pre-packaged, easy to use and mess-free. A product that provides immediate and measurable effects.

Highest Quality Construction and Materials

Sniff It Energy Inhalers are specially engineered scent-delivery rings that contain the powerful odorants proven to stimulate desire and elevate libido.

The rings have been designed with a number of patent pending innovations, including a protective vapor barrier to keep the scented medicaments away from your skin, a special wicking material that dispenses the proper 'dose' of odorant and a unique porosity-weave fabric that allows consistent diffusion of the scent.

The more air that flows over the Energy Inhaler ring the quicker the scent will diffuse and dissipate. Sniff It rings are designed for hours of use, so you're sure to get a lot of scented breathing time.

The proprietary scent compounds are hypoallergenic, regulated "safe" by the FDA and have no known side effects.

Easy To Use Inhalation Directions

Remove the Sniff It Energy Inhaler ring from the individually sealed package and gently stretch it a few times to activate the scent. Place the ring on your finger and position it underneath your nose. Start by gently drawing-in a normal breath. There's no need to keep the scent in your lungs, so don't hold your breath. Slowly exhale and then repeat two or three times.

The beneficial effects of a few inhalations will linger, so you don't need to continually keep the ring under your nose. In fact its important to periodically ‘clear’ the olfactory receptors with unscented air so they don't satiate.

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend you place the Sniff It Energy Inhaler ring on your index finger and hold it about an inch below your nose while inhaling.

Mess-Free and Disposable

The ring is convenient, mess-free and disposable. Wearing the ring on your finger gives you ready access to the scent. You can inhale again and again without having to open a bottle or package - freeing your hands to do other things!

Each ring has been specifically designed and ‘dosed’ for an intense inhaling experience, so there’s no excess scent mixture to make a mess.

The fascinating benefits of the Sniff It Energy Inhaler are yours for only fractions of a penny per breath. Once the scent is gone, just throw the ring away.

Some people have reported they keep "worn out" Sniff It Energy Inhaler rings in their cars and that a faint scent lingered for days.

Be sure to keep your Energy Inhaler ring out of the water. Water saturates the compounds and prohibits evaporation of the odorant molecules. Just slip it off if you’re going to wash your hands.

Product Medical Disclaimer

  1. Product is not to be taken internally - do not ingest ring.
  2. Do not use on or near the eyes.
  3. Do not rub the absorbent pad on the skin.
  4. If redness, itching, burning, or blistering on the skin occurs discontinue use.
  5. Do not use if you have health conditions such as asthma, any respiratory ailment, epilepsy, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, or get odor triggered migraine headaches.
  6. Consult your health care professional regarding the use of this product if you are pregnant or nursing.
  7. Keep out of reach of children and do not let children use without proper supervision.
  8. Flammable. Keep away from fire and ignition sources.
  9. The use of this product should never replace proper medical care. If you are under medical supervision consult with your practitioner before use.
  10. Do not use if the package is damaged and/or the hermetic seal is broken.
  11. These safety guidelines are not to be considered complete and all-inclusive. When in doubt, consult your health care provider.
  12. It's important to note that a very small percentage of the population (approximately 2%) have a diminished olfactory sense. These individuals suffer from anosmia, which means no sense of smell; hyposmia which is a decreased ability to smell; or dysosmia which is when things smell differently than they should. It is likely that people who have these conditions will have a limited experience with the Sniff It Energy Inhaler products.
  13. This product is not intended to be used to determine or treat diminished olfactory ability. See your healthcare professional if you feel the need to be tested.

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