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How to Use Your Sniff It Energy Inhaler

Remove the Sniff It Energy Inhaler ring from its sealed package and carefully place it on one of your fingers. Gently scratch the raised pad a few times to activate the scent.

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend you place the Sniff It ring between the second and third knuckle of your index finger. Placing the ring at this location lets you bring your hand to your nose at a comfortable, ergonomic angle.

Energy At Your Finger Tips!

With the Sniff It Energy Inhaler ring on your finger, hold it an inch below your nose while inhaling. Some users prefer to actually press the ring right against their nostril and take an extra deep breath.

Gently close-off one nostril and slowly draw-in a deep breath though the other. Inhale slowly for a count of four, briefly hold your breath and then exhale for a count of four. Gently close off the other nostril and repeat. Then breathe normally without the Sniff It Energy Inhaler ring for a few minutes (or about 15 unscented breaths). Repeat this cycle a few times.

The beneficial effects of a few inhalations will linger, so you don't need to continually keep the ring under your nose. In fact its important to periodically ‘clear’ the olfactory receptors with unscented air so these receptors don't satiate.

If your ‘cycles’ are spaced too close together, you'll notice that the scent doesn't seem as strong. This is because your olfactory receptors have become satiated and you've temporarily lost the ability to sense the scent. Use this scent-feedback to develop your own personal breathing cycle.

For individuals with smaller hands, place the ring on your thumb. The fabric on the inside of the ring is designed to help keep the ring from slipping off of your finger.

Additional Suggestions For Improving Your Inhale-Away Experience

  • Clear your nostrils before inhaling
  • Don’t smoke
  • Avoid harsh smelling chemicals
  • Get the recommended amounts of zinc and B12 in your diet


Benefits include: increased energy, alertness and wakefulness; improved concentration, focus and memory recall; reduced fatigue and drowsiness; no caffeine jitters; better breathing; improved mood, motivation and confidence.

Ideal for anyone looking for an added boost. Safe to use with any other supplement, food or drink. Contains NO banned substances.

Effects are subtle yet measurable. To verify your own results, measure your performance WITH and WITHOUT a Sniff It Energy Inhaler ring. We guarantee you will have a positive experience or we'll refund your money.

Sniff It and Let 'er Rip!


Helps Reduce Your Caffeine Intake
Sniff It A is a great way to catch a buzz without loading up on caffeine.



Helps Mask Foul Odors
Use Sniff It to mask foul odors.



Sniff It Rings Are Disposable
Sniff It rings last for hours. When the scent fades, just throw the ring away.


Feel the energizing effects in a few quick breaths!

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