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Increased Performance Is Just A Breath Away!
Faster! Farther! Stronger!

Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler is an ingenious, inhalable energy aid that has been proven effective time and time again. It contains pure and natural performance enhancement compounds that provide you with an immediate increase in strength, speed and endurance.

In the time it takes to open the package, slip the ring on your finger and take a few breaths –you go from huffing to hammering!

Inhalation of the Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler Creates Three Beneficial Effects.

  1. Physiological. Direct stimulation of the nasal epithelium, limbic area and other brain structures as well as indirect stimulation of the nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems.
  2. Chemical. Chemical changes in the brain are created by the release of dopamine, endorphins and other neurotransmitters.
  3. Psychological. As a result of the physiological and blood chemistry effects, the emotive and behavioral conditions of satiation, mood, motivation, attention and satisfaction are stimulated.

Empirical Proof This Works!

According to two studies, inhaling the proprietary Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler scents were shown to produce physiological and psychological changes in the participants. Measurable improvement in the athletes' performance, motivation, ease of breathing, energy, speed, alertness, reaction time, confidence and strength were validated.

  • Runners in the 2006 Las Vegas marathon reported increased speed and endurance.
  • Cyclists in a clinical study experienced increased leg speed and reduced pain.
  • Skiers and snow boarders at Brian Head Ski Resort in Utah reported improved breathing.
  • Cyclists in the 2006 Triple By-Pass, single-day cycling event in Colorado reported themselves feeling more motivated and willing to push their physical limits.

The inhalation of the Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler before or during athletic competitions enhances an athlete's mood and motivation and subsequent performance. The findings indicate a beneficial outcome from inhaling the scent. The findings also showed that the supplement could serve as an important adjunct to an athlete's normal training regiment. Using the Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler could also help an athlete maintain a positive mood during physical therapy.

After the Studies Came the Engineering

The proprietary scents were validated by the research. What came next was a convenient, easy to use and mess-free delivery device. One that provides a consistent ‘dose’ of active ingredients and focuses those beneficial effects directly to the individual athlete and not his or her competitors.

Numerous design engineers and product packaging experts were consulted and a number of viable prototypes were developed and assessed. Over a two-year period and in parallel with the on-going scent studies, the Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler design was tested, refined and released.

Professional athletes, elite-level endurance cyclists, marathon runners, skiers -- all kinds of competitors have benefited from the effects of this inhaled energy source. And all kinds of people have enjoyed the increased motivation and focus of this intriguing and powerful scent.

The Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler was initially designed with elite-level athletes in mind who were looking for ‘an extra edge’ in performance. These individuals wanted a supplement-type product that was pre-packaged, easy to use and mess-free. They demanded a product that provided immediate and measurable effects. The Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler delivers!

You Have To Inhale It To Believe It!

The Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler is an aromatic supplement that provides the proven benefits of scented breathing in a portable, personal, mess-free ring.

No other energy supplement compares to the Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler, because there is no other supplement like this! The bottom line is, IT WORKS! It has been tested and validated. It has been purchased by the public and people like it. Now it's your chance to experience our inhalable energy product for yourself.

With the Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler, you get a 'near-instant' increase in energy, stamina and power. You DON'T get a feeling of nervousness or the jitters. You can use the Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler right along with other foods, drinks and energy supplements -- including caffeine. It's like putting another log on your energy fire.

No Conflicting Tastes

Because you inhale the beneficial effects of this energy aid, there are no taste conflicts with other drinks or food, even citrus drinks or chocolate! You get the full pick-me-up effect of this performance aid right along with any other energy supplement, drink or food.

It's safe, pure and natural and contains NO banned substances!

Prove It To Yourself

You've read how our inhalable performance product works. You've taken a look at our research. You've seen a bunch of testimonials. You may be wondering, will it work for me? We're confident it will, but YOU have to inhale it to believe it!

Right now you're just a couple of clicks away from having this amazing new supplement sent right to your door! A few short days away from experiencing first hand, increased athletic performance.

And since you've read all the way to here, you must be serious about giving it a try. Well we want you to try it and we're willing to let you do it on our dime. Which is why we're offering a 100% money-back guarantee. Order it, try it and if you don't have a positive experience, we'll return your money.

Imagine having more power, speed and endurance; feeling less pain and fatigue and experiencing a greater motivation to push your limits. Can you see yourself putting pressure on your fellow competitors or setting a new personal best?

It's a no-brainer -- do yourself a favor, order your Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler now and start enjoying the proven benefits of scented breathing. We're sure the ultimate value (of increased athletic performance) will be worth a lot more to you than the modest cost (which can be as low as $2.77 each).

Can you believe it? For less than the cost of an energy drink, you can have the power of the latest energy supplement working for you.

Order yours today!




A Great Training Tool
On or off the bike, Sports-Boost is a great training tool.



Sports-Boost Reduces Pain
Sports-Boost helps athletes maintain a positive mood during physical therapy.



Increases Endurance
Runners experience faster leg speed.



Increase Strength and Speed
Increases pain tolerance and willingness to push the limits.



Increase alertness and awareness
Safe and effective for young athletes.



You have to inhale
for yourself to believe it!

Order Today!


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