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Here's What People Are Saying

  "I've come to call my Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler my 'bridging booster.' In concert with a couple of clearing breaths before I kick up the effort, I take a hit or two off my Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler. I feel energized to put the hammer down and don't notice the pain as much. It's a cool tool!"

Josh Ketchum – Lyons, CO
  "I'm not an athlete, but I do rely on my breathing in order to perform. I sing in a regional choir and recently tried your Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler during a rehearsal. I experienced an increased lung capacity and better breath control and only a few people in my section even noticed the fragrance."

Karen Butler, Cedar City, UT
  "I entered the Las Vegas marathon, hoping to qualify for Boston (in my age group). Someone in the crowd was handing out Sports-Boost Performance Inhalers before the start, so I grabbed one and put in a pocket. I ended up using the Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler and qualifying . . . and while I'm not giving credit to the Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler (cause I trained well), I will say I did feel something and have been ordering more ever since."

Craig Barker, St. George, UT
  "Our hockey coach won't let us use ammonium carbonate as an energy aid. He says it's too harsh on the lungs. I started using the Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler and felt I was playing harder and feeling sharp. The coach says I can keep it up."

Stephanie Nelson – Denver, CO
  "I'm a competitive archer and archery bi-athlete. I shot my best ‘group’ ever, after using the Sports-Boost Performance Inhaler. I feel focused and riveted on my target – this after running hard from the previous station.”

Zane Hutton, Salt Lake City, UT





Increases Strength, Speed and Endurance
Sports-Boost helps increase speed and stamina.



Increase Running Speed
Sports-Boost improves breathing and lung capacity.


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